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"Helping you find freedom of movement...

                        through the release of myofacial pain."


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The premise of manual therapy and massage is that loss of mobility in the soft tissue and joints creates pain and disability, and restoration of mobility becomes the primary treatment objective.1

The intention of treatment is to promote optimum function rather than merely to reduce symptoms.2

Research has shown that musculoskeletal tissues, including muscles, tendons, ligaments, bone, and cartilage are highly responsive to mechanical stimuli.3
The body's tissues are “adaptable”, that is, they change in response to stimulus (or lack of stimulus), and every structure in the body can improve its structure and function if given the proper stimulus.4
Even older clients with chronic conditions can experience functional improvement because the body still contains cells (undifferentiated mesenchymal cells) that will respond to appropriate stimuli by “migrating, proliferating, and differentiating into mature cells of bone, cartilage, and dense fibrous tissue … including chondrocytes (cartilage cells)”.5


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